welkom bij Rubermakelaardij.nl


Who are we?
Well, mostly it is a one-man show. But there are some people close by whom I consider key-people to this enterprise and without their regular help and support, it would not be possible. You mad dogs out there, you know whom I mean. Many many thanks for your hard labours, ideas and support.

Background, edication, experience…
My name is Etoile Haesen. And by the time I am typing this, I am close to 40 years of age. Modelling and Warhammer-like hobbies have been a life long journey. I have been collecting and playing with toy soldiers since I was a boy. After that, during puberty, came Revell tanks and modelling kits. And at the age of 17 I fell into the black hole that is Games Workshop. Other great miniature games followed. And I have been painting, collecting, building and playing ever since. I have a passion, a GREAT PASSION for this hobby, which I truly think is awesome.

Profession-wise I am a school teacher in Fine Arts. Which means that skizzing, drawing, painting, but also woodcraft and making models is within my skill-package.
Workwise, I have been around; I have been a school teacher, I worked in health care. I worked in several hobby- and game stores that sold these miniatures. And I worked for Games Workshop, in the UK and in Germany.

How does it start?
It can start with a colour scheme for  an army, I see a battlefield tactic, or a selection of figures. And I get enthousiastic about it. Add research and 'hype' as I watch related movies, search on the internet, read books and novels, to get me ‘into that army’. And then I start to build that army, paint it, play with it. Learn from the battles, fine-tune it. And after some time I will place it here; ready for you to enjoy it als much as I do.

Why choose us?
During my life, these past years, I have owned close to 80 Warhammer armies (!) and I have sold about 50 of them. I sold them worldwide; some close by, or to friends, some even as far as Singapore.
As well as teams of Blood Bowl, Fleets of Battlefleet Gothic, armies for Warmachine or Hordes; collecting, painting, converting and playing with armies or miniatures has been a key part of my life and I am not about to stop. If you are looking for an awesome painted army, then PAIN(t)FREE:
- has the education;
- has the training and the experience;
- has the drive and the enthousiasm to paint an put that project through;
- has what you need to get an awesome army, fully painted and ready to play;

And together we will have a great time, playing miniature wargames, with awesome armies, on great scenic battlefields. And for a price any man can afford!

Highest regards,