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Leman Russ Tank


I am selling some Warhammer 40.000 Tanks. Leman Russes, to be precise. They are part of the Astra Militarum Army, more commonly known as Imperial Guard Army. Not to be mixed up with Napoleons lot…

I wanted a dark tank. Dark and brooding. Black, a bit like a comissars tank. Or the ones the Mordian Iron Guard would use.
The model I used was the older version. But to add spice to the model, I packed it full of stuff, to show, the model (or army) is on the road, like in a campaign. Full of gear, to support the tanks itself, or the infantry beside them. Like crates, drum-barrels with fuel, bags, guns, puches etcetera; yuou kname it, it is there. There ase done in green, red, yellow, or a light beige-brown. Golden eagle emblems finished it off nicely.
I also added bright bands to the side, in white and red, to signify unit markings.
Since that gives a lot of colour I decided against using a camouflage sceme. That would look too busy on the tank. And every model needs busy parts and more quieter parts.

I have several of these units, should you wish more.
They are all painted in the same way, so you can obtain a cohrent feel, through your army.
The only difference is a turret weapon, or a sponsson weapon; mostly heavy bolters are used, but occasionally, there is a plasma cannon or a heavy flamer.

Price: 40 EUR