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Ork Stompa


I am selling a Warhammer 40.000 Super Heavy Vehicle. An Ork Stompa!!!
This thing is big. BIG!
Every Ork warband wants one.
Every WAAAAGGGHH!! Needs one. (Or two…)

In my opinion the Goff Clan is the epitome of war and Orkiness. They live for combat, they live for strength, they live for war. And as such, they built vast amounts of Stompa’s. Do not get me wrong, the Evil Sunz have great Mekboyz. And the bad Moonz have ‘da teef’ to pay for it al. But you do not want a giant yellow (Pichacu-like) thing on the table; You want it big. Yo9u want it bad. You want it Goff. And you want it painted black.
Which is a difficult colour. You cannot properly highlight the armour plates, for it soon looks to grey. Therefor I left them black. You cannot leave them untouched; that would make for a boring miniature. And the Ork Stompa is everything but boring. It is awesome. The solution is battle damage; chipped metal. Abrasions. Spots of rust, flaked paint.

To give it some pop I added several brightly coloured plates, that, in colour referred to other Ork Clanz, like the blue en white, for the Death Skulls, the bright red for the Evin Sunz. Some yellow and flame, for Bad Moonz and some camouflage or green for Blood Axez. After all, a warband that is so big, it can boast a Stompsa usually has elements of the other Clanz too.
The big bright green Gork or Mork face helps too….
As do kill-markings, ork graffiti… oh well, there is plenty to see.

Price: 100 EUR