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Warhammer 40.000 Super Heavy Vehicle


I am selling a Warhammer 40.000 Stormlord Super Heavy Vehicle.
These huge and very powerful tanks are mostly used in a game of Apocalypse. Although, with the current rules package, they can be included in any game. Not much can stand against these behemoths or the Warhammer 40.000 battlefield.
With a vast transport capacity and Vulcan mega-bolter, the Stormlord is perfectly suited to the close support of infantry assaults.

I wanted an overall city-like look. Therefor I opted for a dark grey colour. That fits well with the close support such a vehicle would give the ground infantry units in a city fight or an urban Warhammer environment. The Stormlord was painted in several layers of grey, with details picked out. I used regular layers of paints, washes, drybrushes or normal highlights. Also some coloration on exhausts and vents, to give it that extra layer of finish.

To give it some pop, bright, colourful bands were painted at the side, to function as unit-markers. Also, the main weapon and its casing was painted white!
For this particular version, I converted a big cannon, which could replace the Vulcan mega bolter. This allows you to use this vehicle also as a Stormsword or a Banehammer.

I have several of these units, should you wish more.

Price: 100 EURO