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Valkyrie Gunship


I am selling a Warhammer 40.000 Valkyrie gunship. It is part of the Astra Militarum army, formerly and more commonly known as Imperial Guard army.

I have painted numerous army vehicles, over the past few years. And for this one, I got inspired by a movie; We were soldiers, with Mel Gibson. Paratroopers, who get dropped deep in enemy territory, who need a fast transport vehicle, that also packs some punch, with guns.
Thus, an olive-like colour, it would be.
Paintwise, as you by now, well know of me, I went all the way. I used a spray can, called Ogre Flesh (veteran Games Workshop fans will know…) for a first coat. Over that came several drybrush-layers. This model, with all its angles and edges is very suited for this.
Ink washes brought out the detail. As dis dome battle damage as well as the colouration, of superheated metal, rust and soot.
To give it some pop, bright, colourful bands were painted at the side, to function as unit-markers.
This, I got from a book from Forge World; Imperial Armour, Volume one.
I kept the weapons a clean and sober black, to offset with the brushed green effect.
Last but not least, some typical markings that you would have seen with earlier earth war add-on paintings, like an ‘Ace of Spades’, or a slogans. Check it out!

Normally, I always paint or fix the base. Especially with a base as large as these.
But I have no Idea what base the rest or YOUR army has. And I recon you would want to fit it in, with the rest of the army. Therefor I left it blank.

I have several of these units, should you wish more.

Price: 60 EUR