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Warhammer Monster


I am selling a Warhamer Dragon.
Good to be used by all sorts or armies. With the purple and the dark red, a Warriors of Chaos army, of a Dark Elves army would benefit from it nicely.
The model was fully painted, using a variety of paints and techniques. I used drybrushing, as well as ink washes. Several nice detail. And of course, a gleaminig, slobbering mouth…

I did add a small saddle to it, using ‘Green Stuff’. That way, your lord looks properly seated and not like a model ‘just stuck / glued on a monster’…

I decided to leave the base clean and empty.
In a neutral, black colour.
Because that way, you can base it as to match your army at home.
Had I added flock or sand, you might have to rebase it.

Price: 40 EURO