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Space Wolves Unit - Wulfen


I am selling a unit of 13th Company Space Wolf Wulfen. This is an awesome, awesome looking unit of miniatures, for the Space Wolf range. Sadly, games Workshop no longer produces these great looking figures. They are a true little treasure and are very hard to find.
On E-bay, they easily go for 60 euro’s or 12 euro’s per figure.
Here, at PAIN(t)FREE you can grab yourself a bargain; they are painted to a great standard, and you pay only 50 euro’s for a full unit.

Miniature wise, I made some very small conversions, so that there is even more variety between the models; different backpacks, weapon or hand swaps, an extra shoulder pad, here and there.

For painting, I went all the way. Several layers of drybrushing, using ink washes, painting small details, liek the layers of fur, teeth and grim, wild white eyes! This unit looks jest awesome. As are the miniatures themselves.

I added a thick layer of snow. Space Wolves, after all, should fight in inches deep snow! One of the few armies in Warhammer that can do that (see any snow-based catachans lately…).

At the moment, in the current Codex Space Wolves, there are no rules for Wulfen. But since we play ‘Unbound Armies’ I can easily see a use fort hem, using the older rules.
Or you could use them as either Blood Claws, Wolf Guard, or HQ-slots. So no problem there!

I have several of these units, should you wish more.

Price: 50 EUR