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Black Templar

It is a good starter army, roughly close to 1900 points. But I could imagine you would want to expand it. But it is flexible and diverse and hasa good mix of units. The miniatures come from all sorts of editions. The dreadnoughts are metal.
I have been playing, painting and collecting Warhammer for a lot of time.


1x captain/marshal (combi weapon)
5x command squad (apothecary, company banner, champion)
1x emperors champion
1x dreadnought (lascannon, missle launcher)
1x dreadnaught (multi melta)
6x terminators (assault cannon)
10x tactical marines (plasma gun, plasma cannon)
10x tactical marines (plasma gun, plasma cannon)
1x razorback (twin linked lascannon)
1x razorback (twin linked lascannon


Army Selection:
Whenever I play a battle, I try to make an even and balanced force. One can easily get carried away with e specific theme or tactic. That will work well against several opponents¬† but not against most. It is often a ‘one trick pony’. Such armies will get boring to play with rather quickly.
So I tried to make this a diverse army. It has troops, a good selection of elite forces, transports as well as some serious firepower. They will fight well.