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They could be used as a full Deathwing army. You could also expand your own Dark Angels force. Or they could be a regular Space marine army, that has a bony white colour scheme. Whatever you choose of prefer. The miniatures come from everywhere; Metal characters, regular boxed set Terminators, Assault for Black reach, classic figures and Forge World.
I have been playing, painting and collecting Warhammer for a lot of time. And I bought quite some miniatures on E-bay and the likes. But this is the first army that I am selling on E-bay. And that means I am cautious and nervous (perhaps for no reason at all…)  and I want everything to go perfect. For you as a buyer, for me as a seller!!!

Army contents:

Amnt Description
1x captain (terminator armor)
1x limbrarian (terminator armor)
1x chaplain (terminator armor)
1x dreadnought (lascannon, missle launcher, forge world, venerable version)
1x dreadnought (lascannon, missle launcher, forge world)
1x dreadnought (lascannon, missle launcher)
5x terminators (heavy weapon; assault cannon, chainfist)
5x terminators (heavy weapon; assault cannon, chainfist)
5x terminators (heavy weapon; heavy flamer, chainfist)
5x assault terminators
2x dreadnought close combat weapon arms
1x dreadnought plasma cannon arm
1x terminator (chainfist)


It is a Deathwing Army. And that means a lot of Terminators. And since the Deathwing are the elite warriors of the Space marines, I added more Elite choices; namely Dreadnoughts. Terminators are rock hard. They can take on quite the enemy infantry. To add long range firepower and some tank busting abilities, I added the dreadnoughts, all with anti-tank weapons. As well as several extra arms, to adapt to the enemy, when necessary.
I used Captain Stern to fulfill the role of Belial. A Chaplain and A Librarian are also necessary, so you could chose which one to use.
I found that a Land Raider costs too much points and if you only have the one vehicle, i twill get shot in turn one. The points had better gone into more terminators.

I wanted them to look sober, quiet. The colour scheme used by Games Workshop was too busy, too colourful, too bright form my taste. I wanted to tone that down. So I chose less colours. The only gold in the army is for heir commander. Games Workshop did not make a Belial figure yet, so I used Grey Knight commander Stern. But they should not look boring. The weapons have a red casing. The power-weapons are a fierce, cold killing blue. The cloaks and pennants are a warm, livid green. I hope you will agree they are painted to an excellent gaming standard. They have been painted, shaded and highlighted. Details have been added to a nice level. They are not simply painted and dipped.
The base, also, is sober. Some people prefer green static grass, others brown or beige. Others want snow. Typical for a Warhammer 40.000 army is a grey, city-landscape-like base. So that’s what I used. If you want to glue stuff on, that is easily done.

The army was painted using acrylic paints. Mostly Games Workshop I can provide a list with paints and a step by step guide, should you wish to expand your army.

The army is sold as is. All is glued, except the banners and the dreadnoughts; they have holes and pinns, so they can be removed for easier transport.