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Eldar Ulthwe

I am selling this Eldar Army. Paint wise and for theme and models I chose Craftworld Ulthwe. Mainly because I liked to paint them. And for the paintjob I used a different approach. I used purple for a highlight of the black armour or clothing, instead of the more usual choice of grey. Grey makes the army look dull. And an Eldar army should look as striking and as posing as it is on the battlefield.
But dark and brooding. I achieved this by highlighting parts that would or could catch the light, therefor ne lighter than other parts. All the chosen colours are fairly dark; dark red for the Warp Spiders, a dark greyish-blue for the Swooping Hawks. A Dark blue for the Dire Avengers. Bright, shiny gems and fresh and bone-white weapons and helmets provided the necessary contrast.
A special mention should go to the Warithlords in the army. One of them has a black (‘head’-) carapace, fully shiny. The other is bare metal; I scraped and polished it to a metal, chrome-like sheen.

The bases were done in dark grey, to furher the theme. It should be dark and brooding. And these bases strengthen the overall look of the army.

I tried and tested this army. And it is fast. Very fast. Even though it has no Jetbikes in it. The Swooping hawks are a very manoeuvrable unit. There are two Wave Serpents, ready to transport units where you wish them to be. And the Warp Spiders are even faster. They can move up to 12 +5D6 inches per turn. Amazing. Though you could also play it slow. There is a lot of firepower in the units and you could try numerous tactics there. And of variety in units, there is no shortage either.

Enjoy this awesome army!!!

1 x       avatar                                    
1 x       eldrad ultran                          
1 x       farseer                                   
1 x       spiritseer                                
3 x       warlock                                 
1 x       autarch                                  

6 x       dire avengers                         
8x        dire avengers                         
21 x     guardian                                

2 x       wave serpent                         

FAST ATTACK                                        
10 x     warp spiders                          
6 x       swooping hawks                   
1 x       viper jetbike                          

HEAVY SUPPORT                       
7 x       dark reapers                           
3 x       support weapon platform      
2 x       wraithlord                             

2 x       objective counter                   

Price: 350 EUR