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The army has been painted and fully based. And it is done to a good and proper gaming standard. They were painted in en deep bronzen colour. Weapons were painted black and given a highlight of grey. The chestplate was painted with a shiney, pearleascent white, as was the face-plate. Energy items were painted in a very bright green.
Almost all Necron armies you see are gunmetal or silver in colour (booooring). Time for something different. I opted for a deep rich bronze colour. Tin Bitz as a base, followerd by several drybrush and highlights in bronze and gold. Boltgun metal for other metal contasting parts.
I washed the miniatures with a brown wash, to make them look dirty; as if just risen from underground.
The bases were covered with sand, which was painted and highlighted twice. For the rest I kept te be sober; Necron occupied planets tend to be dead and desolate. And it also gives more focus and attention to the miniature as a whole.