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I am offering to sell my Space Wolf army. And what an awesome army this is. The idea started out with a Cursed Company theme. I wanted to use that in my army, as well as regular Space Wolves. I imagined them getting lost, but not just the infantry; their ship got into Chaos Space as well. That is why you will find some Chaos Space marine bits on the figures, like backpacks, shoulder pads and bolt guns. Some of the legs have these horns or spikes, but they could easily be wolf like decorations, like the Space Wolves have so many of.
It has a huge collection of figures, infantry as well as tanks and vehicles. The predator has been provided with switchable sponssons and there is an extra turret, so you could use it either as a Predator destructor of as a Predator annihilator. The same counts for the Rhino. A scratch built, but good-looking turret has been built for them too, so you could use it as Razorbacks also.

It has been fully painted. And that is good old-fashioned paintwork, with basecoats, shading, highlights and details (like lenses, purity seals, soft armour etc.). The models are very detailed, with wolves’ teeth, rune-stones, wolf-tails and pelts etc. Not just a spray of grey paint, some base colours and a dip! No, no, this army has had the works!!! I felt I needed to keep the colour palette toned down, with a few striking colours. Hence they all have blond hair (except for the Long Fangs; the ‘grand pa’s’ of the armour are bald and grey (white) haired.
The army has been based, as if the models are walking in deep snow, as befits a Space Wolf Army!

Should you wish to purchase this army from Games Workshop, it will cost you almost 600 euros. And then you start to clean up models, glue and paint. I am only asking 350 euros for this army. Just over half! A bargain! So grab it, before the fangs snap shut…

Army content:
1 x       lord in terminator armour                             
1 x       lord in power armour                                    
1 x       lord with the mark of the wulfen                 
1 x       librarian in terminator armour                       
1 x       rune priest  
1 x       ulrik the slayer                                      
1 x       wolf priest (games day limited miniature)    

1 x       iron priest                                                      
1 x       dreadnought / bjorn the fell handed             
1 x       wolf guard with standard bearer                  
10 x     wolf guard in terminator armour                  

10 x     blood claws                                                  
10 x     blood claws                                                  
10 x     grey hunter                                                   
5 x       grey hunter                                                   

1 x       rhino / razorback                                           
1 x       rhino / razorback                                           

FAST ATTACK                                                      
1 x       land speeder                                                 
10 x     fenrisian wolves                                            

HEAVY SUPPORT                                                
5 x       long fangs                                                     
5 x       long fangs                                                     
1 x       predator          (extra turret and weapons)    

Prijs: 350 EUR