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I am offering to sell my Tyranids army. As you are used from me, it is quite a big army. And it has been tested thoroughly. It is an army full of little niddie critters; big units or Termagaunts, Hormagaunts and even 9 bases of Ripper Swarms. Yaiks! Also several big and nasty beasties; 7 Tyranid warriors, 2 Carnifexes and a Hive Tyrant. Over 50 Genestealers, for some serious damage dealers. And some Heavy Support; no less than 4 Biovores.
Pointswise the army easily goes over 3000 points. And that is without too many options and upgrades. Just the basis stuff, so to say.
The army has been fully painted. And fully based. It is painted to a very good gaming standard. And it is old fashioned painting; not just some basic colors and a dip. No; basecoats and layers, washes, highlights and details, like eyes, teeth, saliva…. And what a paint-job it is; full of striking, strong colors; the bright yellow almost hurts the eye. This army surely has the ‘wow factor’ that judges (or people in general) are looking for, on tournaments or on a Warhammer 40.000 battlefield.
If you were to buy this army from Games Workshop, it would cost you about 740 euro’s. Start cutting, cleaning, gluing and painting. Here, you can grab yourself a bargain, as I am asking 390 euro’s. That is just over half the price. And it comes fully painted. You can play straight away!

Here is how I painted the army;
- Chaos Black
First drybrysh;
- Bleached Bone
Open tissue, ridges between armour plates;
- Red Gore
- Yianden Darksun
- Orange Ink wash (oude kleur)
- Golden Yellow highlight
- Sunburst Yellow highlight
- Sunburst Yellow / Skull White (50/50 mix) on the edges; highlight
- ‘Ardcoat Gloss Varnish
- Bestian brown
- Weapon highlight; Snake Bite Leather
Eyes or weapon power cell;
- Metallic green
Maw, gums, glands, skin-sacks;
- Red Gore
- Tentacle Pink highlight
- A thinned down Red Gore wash
- Tentacle Pink / Skull White (50/50 mix) highlight
- Ardcoat Gloss varnish
Teeth, horns, bone parts; Bestial Brown
- Highlight; Snakebite leather
- Highlight; ochre
- Highlight; Bleached Bone
- Extreme highlight; Skull White

The Base;
Base edge / trim; Scorched brown
Add GW Gravel
Add little tufts of green static grass

Thank you for your interest.
If there are any questions, please send me an e-mail.