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This is the Khador faction.
The army has been painted and based to a very good gaming and tabletop standard. Not just a simple dip, after some base colors. But good old fashioned quality painting; basic colors, ink washes, dry brushes and highlights. And details. And after that, basing.

Normally we see a lot of bright red armies. Sometimes highlighted to the point of orange or yellow. I wanted a different look; dull matt red paint (like lead pint, straight from the forge factories). It looks simple, but I thought it looks well.

Army content:

Aantal Beschrijving
1x Sorscha
1x Sorscha (conversion)
1x Butcher
1x Juggernaut
1x Destroyer
1x Marauder
1x Devastator
1x Man o' War
1x Mechanics
1x Mortars
1x Dice, Template (copy) focus points
1x Counters