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Protectorate of Menoth

This is the Protectorate of Menoth faction.
The army has been painted and based to a very good gaming and tabletop standard. Not just a simple dip, after some base colors. But good old fashioned quality painting; basic colors, ink washes, dry brushes and highlights. And details. And after that, basing…

Although they fight for their holy cause, I never liked the crisp, off-white colors. I wanted a more sobre and dirty look. So I drybrushed the army up, from medium brown tones, to a beige color. Red lining brought the contrast.


Aantal Beschrijving
1x Feora
1x The Reclaimer
1x Crusader
1x Repenter
1x Redeemer
1x Devout
1x Temple Flameguard
1x Deliverers
1x Holy Zeloths
1x Choir
1x Paladin of the Wall
1x Wrack
1x Monolith Bearer
1x Dice, Templates (copy) focus points