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Vampire Counts

I am offering to sell a Warhammer Vampire Counts army. The army has been fully painted. and it has been painted to a very good gaming standard. It is old fashion painting, with base colours, shading (with washes), drybrushes, highlights and details. It has not simply been sprayed bone and dipped!!! An dit has been fully based. The movement trays have been flocked also.

The army has a diversity of units. As well as several large blocks of infantry, to units of elite cavalry. there are a lot of characters, leaving you spoilt for choice on whet you would like to use. You could easily adapt your strategies on that; say a lot of vampires, or a necromancer army, lead by Heinrich Kemmler himself; it is all there!!!
Miniature wise they are a delight for the eye. Over the years, I collected a lot of models who have a unique look and a lot of chracter. A special note might go towards the black knights, who have been built from undead and empire sprues. Most of the miniatures are from the previous edition. The Mordheim stage coach model befits this army better, than the black coach would! Oh, and there is no "crapcast" in this army..!

Army content:
1 x          heinrich kemmler               
5 x          vampire on foot                 
2 x          vampire mounted                             
4 x          necromancer                      
2 x          wight lord                            
1 x          zombie dragon                   
1 x          abyssal terror                      

38 x        skeletons                             
46 x        zombies                               
45 x        zombies                               
8 x          dire wolves                          

8 x          black knights                      
5 x          spirit host base                   
4 x          fell bats                                
2 x          bat swarm                           

6 x          blood knights                      
6 x          caern wraith                        
1 x          black coach                        

Price: 500 EUR